From small seeds, beautiful things grow.

Founded in Australia by CEO Mally Ellis, a native Zimbabwean, Knit For Life was born from Mally’s commitment to continue the project established by her late mother Lily who opened her home in Harare to women from the  Chatsworth community to train them in the production of hand-knitted products to international standards.

Today, Knit For Life is an empowerment project based on a productive partnership between the knitters of the Chatsworth community and volunteers based in Australia. Our mission is inspired by the belief that when women are lifted from poverty, the whole community benefits. Our team in Australia is committed to collaborating with the knitters to create opportunities for greater economic independence and self-sustainability and to bring about improvements in the quality of life for their community.

From its beginnings as Grasshoppers Jumpers in 2000, a small social enterprise business established by Mally and her sister, Jackie, in 2017 Knit for Life became a charity and not for profit organization registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC). In 2018 Knit for Life achieved Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, allowing donors of $2 AUD and above to claim tax deductions for monetary donations.

What drives us each day is our dream is to grow and to do so much more. If we grow, we can create many more opportunities for members of the community to knit and support their families through the dignity of paid work. Our vision is a global community united by our love for our children and the planet, and our commitment to making this world a little bit fairer and kinder.

Watch our YouTube presentation of Knit for Life HERE.