Your generosity helps break the cycle of poverty and creates opportunities for a better quality of life.

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  • KFL Zimbabwe in process of registering as a recognised charity organisation in Zimbabwe
  • Training and Development, Australia: Mentoring and How to Manage NFP courses
  • Training and Development, Zimbabwe: Improving production quality and sizing to International standards
  • Revamped website for enhanced consumer experience

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  • Student graduates with a Masters in Software Engineering
  • 40 knitters graduate with a Certificate in Business skills training
  • Community library built – official opening
  • 1000 solar lamps donated
  • 500 kilos of dyed yarn donated
  • Land donated to build a new Knit for life Headquarters.
  • Self-sustaining projects initiated by knitters and community members; Chicken farming x 10; Agricultural projects x 15; Cattle feeding x 3; Bread baking x 2; Brick mounding x 2; Vegetable gardens x 1; Broom making x 1;

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  • 135 children attend primary and secondary school
  • 300 Solar lamps donated impacting 1500 people

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  • 60-80 knitters given opportunities for work
  • Knitters pay for food, clothing, school fees and medicine from knitting income
  • One student graduates with an Honours degree in Surveying and Geometrics
  • 120 children attend school

Charity Projects


A long held dream that despite enormous challenges is now becoming an exciting reality for our hardworking knitting community in Chatsworth, Zimbabwe.

With the greatest gratitude to the Australian DFAT DAP grant and the generosity of a special friend of Knit For Life who purchased the land that allowed us to create this headquarters for Knit For Life Zimbabwe.

This building represents so much more than a place to knit, to train women in skills that will allow them to earn an income with dignity, to commune and to work. This building represents hope. It represents the possibility of a brighter tomorrow for our knitters and the women of Chatsworth and surrounding areas. This building represents a stepping stone to possibility, education and income generation. This building represents the realisation of a long held dream.”

DAP grant win

In 2019, before the Covid pandemic, a group of our senior knitters took part in a business skills course sponsored by Knit For Life. We plan to further these study and skills building opportunities, especially once the Knit For Life Centre for Training and Development is completed. Construction of the Centre will commence shortly with digging of the bore hole to provide essential access to water currently underway. Thanks to an Australian Government DFAT grant this long held dream is becoming an exciting reality.

Our knitting community in rural Zimbabwe developed a number of micro business initiatives during Covid to generate income using those business skills and the skills acquired from their work with Knit For Life. With your support we look forward to developing initiatives, working with our community to create new opportunities, guiding and supporting them in working towards sustainable outcomes.


Together with our partner Aussie Books for Zim we were awarded a grant of USD 15000.00 by Better World Books to build a fully functional library to serve the needs of the wider community of rural Chatsworth, where the Knit for Life community is based and where a library has never existed before. The library is now complete and stocked with over 2000 books, library furniture and laptop computers and it is estimated that up to 1000 children in the wider community will have access to the library. The library represents hope  for future generations to come, and empowers a entire community of children and adults through literacy and education, the essential tool in breaking the cycle of poverty..

Solar lamps

Together with our partner Solar Buddy, we have been able to positively impact the lives of 1000 primary and secondary school children and their families in neighboring communities living in energy poverty. These children will for the first time be able to safely study with a Solar Buddy solar lamp after dark. Up to now people in the community have had no access to electricity and have relied entirely on kerosene lamps, candles and wood  which impacts negatively on health, education, the environment and perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Solar Buddy is generously donating a further 1000 solar lamps in 2019 so that every child in the wider  community and their families will have access to safe lighting after dark. Knitters from the community will be able to continue working productively, enhancing their income earning capacity after dark and families will have light to cook by , whilst their children can study and read. This is a truly life changing outcome for the entire community.

Dyed Yarn – Building entrepreneurial opportunities for the knitters

Together with our partner, ( a generous Australian donor who wishes to remain anonymous), the knitters have received 500 kilos of dyed cotton yarn from South Africa worth AUD12 000. This partnership will ensure continued long term sustainability for the project. A group of 40 knitters have completed a training course in Basic Business Management skills gaining certification. The Knit for Life team in Australia will guide and assist in transitioning the current model back to complete ownership and responsibility by the knitters to manage and grow their own small business collaboratively.


  1. Clean drinking water – $850 will buy one rain tank and $3000 will buy a borehole fitted with pump and storage container where the community can drink safe water.
  2. Knit for Life headquarters– $5000 was generously donated by our partner and donor in December 2019 and convenient site purchased with the Title Deeds belonging to Knit for Life. In 2020 we have been writing grant applications to raise funds to build the knitting center with storage and laundry facilities. Having a Knit for Life headquarters will be life changing for the knitters and will enable Knit for Life to scale up production, train even more knitters and become sustainable.
  3. Improved health facilities – $5000 will upgrade the local clinic which is drastically in need of medical supplies, beds and bedding.

TO VOLUNTEER your time, we would love to hear from you. If you are able to volunteer at our market stalls, assist in organising and running a fundraising campaign as well as get involved in strategic planning on our board, please CONTACT US.

Watch our YouTube presentation of Knit for Life HERE.

With thanks and gratitude,
The Knit for Life team.