Knit For Life is proud that our product range is 100% handmade, each and every item hand knitted from the softest of naturally grown cotton sourced locally in Zimbabwe and in neighboring South Africa. Our knitwear for babies and children, our toys and accessories, are designed by our team of volunteers in Australia to suit the Australian, New Zealand, European, U.S. and wider international market aesthetic. We take pride in offering a product range that is classic, practical, bespoke design, mostly unisex, quality and long lasting. Our range is designed for minimal fuss, versatility and simplicity, a call back to the days where children played outside, communed with nature, carefree, joyful and playful, appealing to a conscious consumer who values natural fibers and cares about the source of their purchases and who made their clothes.  Each time we receive a new shipment from our knitters who hand knit our designs in the Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe over 11,000km from our Sydney base, we marvel at the quality, the skill of their work, the attention to detail and their pride in what they create.

One of our favorite things to do as we unpack the boxes of new stock in Sydney so carefully packed by our Zimbabwean team, is to touch and smell the products. We love the texture, the softness of the yarn, the detail in the knitting. Each hoodie jumper, each dress for little girls, each beanie and onesie, every cable cardigan and cot blanket and every lovingly hand-crafted toy is impeccably stitched, perfectly finished, then labeled with the name of the knitter who has proudly created the item. Our products invoke a smell and spirit of nature, of the African bush, of soft sunlight and the hint of a wood fire. They are beautiful. Naturally perfect, perfectly natural, hand knitted with love and care, pride and skill, practical and perfect for your precious baby and your beloved child. Perfect for the busy Mama, the Knit For Life range, including our hand knitted toys (stuffed with natural cotton lint) can be machine washed – and even tumble dried. And perfect for the soul too because each Knit For Life product you purchase for your loved one has a positive impact on the life of the precious baby, the beloved child of a Mama in our Knit For Life community. A global community of women united by our love for our children and a desire to make this planet a little bit fairer and kinder creating a ripple effect of positivity reaching all the way to the Knit For Life community.